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Backup Pad 6" Grip 16H, 1/Pkg

Abranet medium density Unipad 150 mm (6") for all hole combinations. This Abranet unipad is optimized for flat surfaces and has a high edge durability. 15 larger holes allow use of conventional discs with 6 h, 6 + 1 h, 9 h and 15 h. Suitable for narrow shroud machines but not recommended to be used with 150 mm ROS machines, because the combination of Unipad + wide/Abranet shroud machines does not give the optimal dust extraction. Delivered with one 150 mm (6") pad saver. To ensure correct installation, always use the supplied spacing washers, making sure that a minimum gap exists between the sander’s shroud and the top part of the backing pad, to prevent friction between the two parts. Tighten the screw hard. The backing pad should never turn idle. From time to time, check that the screw is well tight.

Foam Polishing Pad 6" x 1" Orange Waffle, 2/Pkg

A reticulated foam has an excellent balance in elasticity and softness which remains during usage, and is available as waffle shape structured. The waffle shape has an optimised pattern which gives an improved cutting performance with long life and reduces the surface temperature during polishing. The orange foam is softer than our yellow foam and leaves a better gloss and less holograms. Well suitable for softer clear coats and paints to achieve a perfect finish in one step process for vehicle and Tier 1 applications. For wood high gloss the orange waffle pad is ideal for the second polishing step in order to get an increased gloss level and to remove holograms. The pad is especially well suited for darker colors or softer paints and lacquers. The pads are designed to be used for polishing in combination with Polarshine polishing compounds 12, 10 and 8.