In a relatively short time, Mirka's highly effective polishing products line, Polarshine, has become the clear choice for performance conscious users. Although it was originally developed for demanding polishing operations in the automotive OEM and aftermarket sectors, it performs just as well in the marine and composite industries or any application where a high gloss end result is important. The Polarshine product range consists of polishing compounds from coarse through to fine grades and, when combined with Mirka polishers and pads, is ideal for producing a high quality result.

Polarshine® 45

Heavy cutting power - high gloss finish

Polarshine® 45 is a coarse and fast cutting polishing compound that helps you polish in less time. It still achieves a perfect deep gloss finish. ​

Why Polarshine 45?​

  • Removes sanding scratches from P600 and finer quickly and permanently
  • Designed for hard surfaces and coatings
  • Removes heavy oxidation without sanding and restores colour and shine
  • Can be used as a one-step polishing process for white and light colours

The water-based and silicone-free compound Polarshine® 45 restores colour and shine to faded surfaces.

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Polarshine 45

Paint rectification

Remove scratches permanently

For polishing automotive clearcoat, Mirka Polarshine products are well matched with Mirka polishers and pads. They are similarly suited for large areas and polishing out smaller imperfections, removing marks permanently with a haze and hologram free finish and a deep gloss. The coarseness grade ranges from Polarshine 3 and 5 at their finest, all the way to Polarshine 35 and 45 at the coarse end of the scale.

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 Collision Repair


CD sector and wood

Suitable for woodworking

Mirka's polishing compounds are also suitable for decorators and furniture restorers, for example. On a painted wooden surface, Polarshine brings back a respectable shine that looks natural - and since Polarshine compounds are water based and use no solvents, they leave no unpleasant scent behind. 

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polarshine in woodwroking

Cordless polishers

Efficient, easy-to-use and ergonomic tools

With Mirka's smooth, powerful and light cordless polishers, automotive refinishing work could hardly be more convenient. With no cords to keep away from the working surface, powered by efficient batteries that are easily changed, you can always focus on reaching the best possible result.

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