Wall Sanders

Mirka offers both electric wall sanders and hand tools for wall sanding. The wall sanders are well designed and user friendly, for sanding filler on walls and ceilings.

LEROS 950XCV 9"/5mm Wall Sander w/Bag, 1/Pkg

Unique brushless wall and ceiling sander. The light, under 3,5 kg weight means the sander can be used for longer periods in greater comfort. Mirka® LEROS is the first wall sander with 180° flexibility on the sanding head, which helps the operator reach surfaces from a better angle and allows a more ergonomic working position. The random orbital movement gives precise responses to the operator’s movements. The special sanding head and backing pad design make it possible to work very close to corners and edges. Furthermore, the fixation point of the sanding head is close to the surface, stabilizing the sanding process. Bluetooth connectivity offers additional features via the myMirka app, helping you to keep track of vibration, speed and usage data. It comes with a grip backing pad, using an interface is recommended. A practical carrying bag is included in the package.

LEROS-S 950XCV 9"/5mm Wall Sander w/Bag, 1/Pkg

Deco Sander 2.75

Deco Sander 2.75"x8" Grip 113H, 1/Pkg

The Deco Sander telescopic sanding tool makes the sanding of walls and ceilings faster, more effective and dust-free. The package includes the sanding tool and a telescopic tube which extends up to 2.3 metres. The sanding tool is attached to the telescopic tube via a flexible joint which lets it adjust in any direction to sit flat against the sanding surface. The operator only needs to apply light pressure because the sanding tool is drawn towards the surface when sanding. Dust is removed through holes in the sanding tool directly to a vacuum cleaner which makes the job easier and quicker because time isn’t spent protecting the surroundings from dust contamination.
Sanding Tool for Deco Sander 2.75

Sanding Tool for Deco Sander 2.75"x8" 113H, 1/Pkg

Telescoping Tube for Deco Sander 7.5', 1/Pkg

Telescoping Tube for Deco Sander 7.5', 1/Pkg