Mirka power tool warranty

2+1 year warranty

Mirka power tools have a two-year warranty starting from the date of purchase and covering defects in material and workmanship. By registering your Mirka power tool within 30 days from purchase you will obtain an additional one-year warranty.

NOTE! If the tool is continuously used in industrial applications, the warranty period is one year.

 To keep your tool warranty valid the tool needs to be used, maintained and operated in compliance with the safety and operating instructions. However, if a problem occurs with your Mirka power tool, caused either by a manufacturing defect of the material or by workmanship, Mirka will repair your power tool free of charge in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions.

Need help? Click the image below to get more information about our new guided self service for Mirka power tool warranty registration:

Register your Mirka power tool

You can register your Mirka power tool through

1. the myMirka application

2. the web registration form


myMirka easy warranty registration

The easiest way of registering your tool is through the myMirka application available on App Store or Google Play. If your Mirka power tool is equipped with Bluetooth, just connect your power tool with the myMirka app and the product name and serial number will appear automatically to the registration form. 

Read more about the Bluetooth availability and connection, by clicking the ‘Register on myMirka’ tab below.


Download myMirka on the Apple Store
Download myMirka on the Google Play

Web form warranty registration

Alternatively, you can register your Mirka power tool by submitting the registration form. The form is available under the ‘Register on website’ tab below. The warranty certificates are machine and customer specific. In other word, each tool must be registered separately, and the warranty cannot be transferred to another person or company.

Register on website
Register on myMirka
Register on website

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Submitting a warranty claim

To submit a warranty repair claim, contact your Mirka dealer or your local Mirka customer support. A warranty claim must be submitted within the warranty period and as soon as possible from the point in time when the defect or problem has been detected. 

Tools returned for warranty repair must be accompanied by a valid purchase receipt or invoice. For repairs during the additional one year warranty period the tool must be accompanied by a valid receipt or invoice and a valid certificate of the extended warranty.


After sales and service

Mirka is co-operating with professional authorized service centers, locally and regionally. In order to keep the tool warranty valid and ensure optimal tool safety and function, the service of Mirka branded tools must be carried out by a Mirka authorized service center. To locate your local Mirka authorized service center, contact Mirka Customer service in your country or region or your Mirka dealer.