Mirka® Cafro HP Bond - Higher removal in less time.

Hybrid bond has become the main reference for fluting operations on CNC machines. Its higher material removal capacity allows for depths of cut that resin bonds cannot reach. Mirka's new Cafro HP hybrid bond sets the new industry standard for high material removal.

Faster grinding requires higher performance

Higher spindle speed, increased coolant pressures and super filtration are the industry trends in tool grinding. Our high-performance HP wheel enables substantial improvements in material removal ratio, productivity, finishing quality, tool life and costs.

A customer has reported that the new wheel speeds up production 2.5 times, while at the same time it lowers the amount of power needed to run the machine.



25% less energy used

By reducing the amount of energy you use, the HP hybrid bond keeps cost low.

Engineered for efficient removal

The HP hybrid bond family is engineered for fluting operations with need for efficient removal. In optimal working conditions, material removal rates on carbide can be improved up to 25%. CBN wheels with HP hybrid bond can remove twice as much material compared to resin bond CBN wheels.

A single pass can be enough

The HP hybrid bond provides good surface finishing with a single pass, with no need for multiple steps. The optimal grit sizes are D64 for diamond wheels and B91 for CBN wheels.