Stabilize the quality of precision components

Mirka offers both superior off-the-shelf products and tailor-made advanced solutions
to improve your grinding and polishing process.


Using our Mirka® Cafro vitrified CBN wheels in your grinding process gives you:

• Optimization of wheel dressing time and intervals
• Grinding time reduction
• Improved surface value characteristics
• No scatter marks and no steel burning
• Superior supply chain – fast and reliable delivery times
• Flexibility and customization of the products and services
• Total offering with lower TCO, from tools to wheels to tapes
• Security – peace of mind

By the time you reach the final polishing process, you will have a better surface to begin with, including less waving on journal profiles.


Powertrain microfinishing

Our microfinishing films are used in many powertrain applications, where demanding tolerances are required. These include the manufacturing of crankshafts and camshafts, piston pins, rings and rods, as well as balancer shafts and rotor shafts. And our tools find work in the manufacturing of electric motors, too.

The right microfinishing technologies are crucial in minimizing wear and prolonging the service life of the high-efficiency engine components of today and tomorrow.

The modern powertrain industry presents numerous challenges,
and by working together we can:

• Improve supply chain efficiency
• Increase flexibility
• Obtain improved friction and tribological properties
• Offer a cleaner and optimised polishing process
• Offer bearing journal shaping or journal surface texturing
• Decrease emissions
• Reduce and optimise costs

Finishing engine components with an optimized process ensures desired engine performance.
A consistent, high-quality component finish provides a competitive edge through a longer engine lifetime.

Microfinishing films