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Powertrain Precision Grinding

Powertrain Precision Grinding

Vitrified CBN Wheels for the High-Efficiency Precision Grinding of Ferrous Powertrain Components

Developments in machine technology are enabling increased speeds and more precise grinding, with Mirka® Cafro's vitrified CBN wheels grinding speeds can approach 140 m/s, with both high material removal and profile stability.

Mirka® Cafro's vitrified superabrasive wheels can be dressed in the operating machine, just as with conventional abrasive wheels. Our broad product range includes continuous rim diameters from 10mm to 605mm, and segmented rims over 900mm in diameter. These vitrified wheels are often customised products, produced to the customer's specific requirements. Standard sizes are available with an expedited delivery time.

The CBN superabrasive used in these wheels is the abrasive of choice for manufacturing ferrous automotive powertrain components, such as camshafts and crankshafts. Replating services are offered for the replacement or renewal of superabrasive rims on valuable steel bodies

Unique Manufacturing Solution

Single-rim vitrified CBN wheels up to a diameter of 605mm, allowing:
  • Perfect homogeneity of CBN rim around the entire diameter
  • Improved surface finishes with larger CBN grit size
  • Improved removal rates
  • Abrasive-free neutral zone to allow complete superabrasive use while protecting wheel body
  • Fewer grinding steps, shorter cycle time
  • Customisable specifications, flexible production
  • Global network of technical specialists
  • Tolerances down to 0.01-0.02 mm

Consistent OD results with short grinding times

Top Performance

  • Improved thermal control
  • Grinding time reduction
  • Single-rim quality

Optimised wheel dressing time

End Results

  • Longer time between dressing intervals
  • Improved surface value characteristics
  • No scatter marks and no burning

Peace of mind through security

Long-Term Advantage

  • By the time you reach the final polishing process, you will have a better surface to begin with, including less waving on journal profiles.
  • Superior supply chain – fast and reliable delivery times
  • Flexibility and customisation of the products and services
  • Total offering with lower TCO, from tools to wheels to tapes


Repeatable performance, reliable partner.

Mirka’s abrasive films are what you need to achieve consistent functional surface values in your superfinishing or polishing operation. Featuring an anti-slip dot pattern on the back, we offer two different film products to help you easily select the right product for your specific polishing needs

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