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Sanding in Wind Power Applications

Tools and abrasives for heavy duty sanding of large surfaces

In heavy-duty sanding such as windpower applications, Mirka delivers increased comfort and safety for a better working environment.

Save time and money in sanding wind power blades

Wind Power Solutions

From blade manufacturing to reconditioning, Mirka power tools and abrasives will provide the finish quality you are looking for, saving you time and money with a dust-free solution.

Mirka designs and manufactures power tools suitable for heavy duty sanding applications. They feature efficient on-tool dust extraction to conveniently remove filler and composite dust from the working surface, improving the quality of the workplace air as well as the finishing quality. This means less clean-up and a reduced chance of occupational diseases resulting from breathing hazardous dust.

Powerful sanding with net abrasives

Resist Clogging

Mirka net abrasives provide these important benefits in heavy duty sanding:

  • Better removal of stock
  • Better comfort for operators
  • Better results in finishing

Dust-free Mirka Abranet® net abrasives resist clogging and remain sharp when sanding filler, primer and composite, prolonging the use life of every single abrasive so you get the most out of it. And the less time spent changing abrasives means less time spent for the total sanding process.

Choose an ergonomic Mirka sander

Easy Sanding of Large Surfaces

The Mirka LEROS is a light and ergonomic solution for sanding large surfaces. It provides the operator with a stable grip and a comfortable working position over long working periods.

With a large 9" sanding pad, the Mirka LEROS removes material quickly thanks to its powerful brushless electric motor. It is available as a compact length Mirka LEROS-S for even easier handling.

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