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Sanding E-Coat and Primer

Defect-free perfection under the layers of paint

Mirka's range of abrasives, tools and accessories is fully suited for each process in applying e-coat and primer in automotive manufacturing.

Dust-free sanding of E-coat and primer

Get the perfect E-coat and primer quality

Electro-coating, also called the e-coat, provides rust protection. As the vehicle is dipped completely in the e-coat application process, it is the only fully covering layer. The primer layer is only applied on visible surfaces.

For these processes, choose from our wide range of abrasives, tools and accessories. The unique Mirka dust-free solution, consisting of net abrasives and power tools, is a superior choice.

Solutions for hand or machine sanding

Find and Remove Defects

Our solutions and accessories for e-coat and primer quality control range from hand scuffing to dry or damp hand sanding and machine sanding.

Find and highlight any defects using a hand scuffing pad and move to either hand sanding or machine sanding. There is a solution for everything, from narrow areas to large surfaces, for the best possible finish in the final stage.

Remove surface defects manually from e-coat and primer

Hand Sanding of Defects

After locating defects, move to damp sanding of e-coat and primer in flat areas. Choose the ergonomic dome pad with Abranet or Galaxy abrasives for effortless sanding of surface defects.

When sanding profiles and hard-to-reach areas, choose Mirka Abralon or Goldflex Soft abrasives that feature a foam layer to follow curves and contours perfectly.

Efficient and ergonomic sanding with Mirka power tools

Machine Sanding of Defects

Machine sanding of e-coat and primer is performed in narrow gaps and hard-to-reach areas as well as large surfaces. Sand these areas easily with cordless AOS-B sanders. For sanding the e-coat or primer surface on large areas, choose electric Mirka DEROS or pneumatic Mirka PROS sanders together with Abranet Ace or Galaxy abrasives and a dust extractor for a dust-free finish.

When working on painted surfaces in automotive manufacturing, it is essential to keep dust where it belongs: in the dust extractor, away from the surfaces or the air that the operator breathes. Minimize the need for post-paint reworks at the same time as you make the working environment safer for everyone.

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