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Solutions for Automotive Body in White

The complete process for the body in white in automotive manufacturing

An assembled but unpainted vehicle requires several sanding processes before processing to e-coat, primer and coats of paint. Choose the best professional solutions for the best finish.

A suitable abrasive for every job

Wide Range of Abrasives

The body in white does not solely consist of unpainted steel, as several different materials are used such as aluminium, composites and plastics including carbon fibre reinforced plastics as well as traditional steel. This means that the selection of abrasives must be suitable for every material. Thanks to the wide range of abrasives and solutions from Mirka, we can deliver for the complete process.

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Convenient cleaning up

Grinding Surfaces on Body-in-White

Cleaning up welding and spot weld marks as well as deburring and removing flash is done easily with quick discs. For more freedom and range of movement, choose cordless tools.

The Mirka ANGOS ARG-B 200 is a cordless grinder that offers reduced noise levels as well as ergonomic comfort for the operator.

For pneumatic tools, Mirka manufactures file belts and surface conditioning belts. The Mirka PBS pneumatic belt sander is easy and convenient to operate.

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Finishing metal surfaces

Metal Conditioning

Mirka power tools, the electric DEROS random orbital sander and the pneumatic PROS random orbital sander are the right choice for consistency in finishing the sheetmetal surfaces on the body in white.

Depending of whether you are performing surface conditioning on a steel body or an aluminium body in white, the choice of abrasive is critical when removing scratches. For a body in white manufactured from steel, we recommend Abranet ACE HD net abrasive as well as the new Mirka Galaxy.


Aluminium parts in a body-in-white

Aluminium Automotive Applications

Prevent heavy metal contamination in sanding

Non-Corrosion Product Range

Traditional abrasive products contain significant amounts of heavy metals, such as iron, chromium and copper. However, the preparation of corrosion sensitive surfaces, such as aluminium, requires products which contain the lowest possible amount of heavy metals to avoid contamination that can trigger the corrosion process. 

Mirka is one of the first abrasive producers providing a full range of non-corrosion products, from net to paper based and non-woven discs and sheets. Choose from a variaty of products for grinding and cleaning up, moving to Abranet NC for metal finishing. Mirka Abralon discs and sheets are non-corrosion products.

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