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Man spray painting a vehicle

Mirka® Essentials Accessories and Supplies

For paint refinishing and automotive repair

A professional finish already starts at the preparation stage. Mirka masking tapes and films are developed for precise and secure masking. The Mirka Paint Cup System speeds up the paint mixing process, ready for you to apply the perfect surface finish.

Give your paintwork the best chance to shine

Dedicated to the Finish

In the Essentials product range, you will find masking tapes, masking films, paint mix supplies and other materials that are required in preparation.

Preparation for Spray Painting

Paint Mixing

Measuring yellow paint in a PPS cup

The Mirka® Paint Mixing product range includes mixing cups, lids & systems and practical dispensers. The product range caters for professional paint mixing needs in the automotive refinishing and collision repair sector. 

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Preparation for Spray Painting


Man applying a masking tape on a car

Mirka® Masking solutions include masking films, masking tapes and accessories. Mirka offers a full range of high-quality masking products that meet professional requirements within automotive refinishing.

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A professional finish already starts at the preparation stage, which means that these products must also stand up to the job. With Mirka Essentials there is no oversight in any part of the process for the best possible finish.

Nicklas Lerstrand

Product Manager, Mirka Ltd

Paint Mixing Complete Solution

The Paint Cup System

Man spray painting using a paint cup on a  spray gun

The Mirka Paint cup system is a complete paint cup system, ready to be attached to the spray gun (spray gun adapter to be bought separately). All parts are corrosion-resistant to both paint and thinner.

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Take a look at our masking tapes and films below.

Looking for Top Finishing Quality and Masking Solutions?

Withstands 100°C oven use for 30 minutes

General Purpose Masking Tape

Masking Tape 100˚ White Line

Masking Tape 100˚ White Line
Impregnated paper-based masking tape for general automotive applications. Natural rubber adhesive securing instant adhesion and clean removal. Suitable for both metallic and plastic surfaces. Withstands 100°C oven use for 30 minutes.

Withstands 150°C oven use for 60 minutes

Masking Tape for Multicolor and Design Paint Jobs

Masking tape 150° Orange Line Natural rubber adhesive

Masking Tape 150˚ Fine Line

Masking tape for multi-color and design paint jobs. Designed for long straight lines and high flexibility curves. Thermally stabilized PVC backing with a rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive. Residue-free removal after 60 minutes of oven use in 150°C.

Withstands 120°C oven use for 30 minutes

Waterproof, latex-impregnated paper premium adhesive for residue-free removal

Masking Tape 120˚ Yellow Line UV and water resistant

Masking Tape 120˚ Yellow Line
Masking Tape with premium adhesive for residue-free removal and excellent tape to tape adhesion. Waterproof, latex-impregnated paper tears easily and conforms to curves and uneven surfaces. With more material per roll than most standard tapes, Yellow Line tape is a great value.

Highly versatile

Split Masking Tape

Split Masking Tape

Our Split Masking Tape is a highly versatile masking tape to mask rubber seals around the vehicle, protecting the inside from overspray, as well as for protection when spraying individual panels. Speeds up the masking and decreases the number of masking products. Perforated sections make it easy to tear.

Strong and durable

Cloth Tape Black

Cloth Tape Black

Our Cloth Tape Black is a strong and durable tape for protecting surrounding areas when sanding.

A quality product for paint preparation masking purposes

Premium Masking Film

Masking film and paper on car

Masking Film Premium
14 micron thick premium masking film with anti-ghosting properties. Electrostatic and treated to ensure fast, easy, and complete vehicle masking. Excellent paint overspray adhesion and no paint flaking.


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Paint Mixing Solutions

Like all other collision repair solutions we solve your problem by providing you with a complete solution for your paint mixing challenge. See our full range of products.

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Masking Solutions

Mirka’s line of top-quality masking products result in a top-quality finish. Designed specifically for professional vehicle and industrial surface finishing, Mirka Essentials are your go-to solution.

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