Mirka® Galaxy: New high technology abrasive

Mirka Galaxy is a new, high-technology abrasive. It combines effectiveness with long use life, thanks to a new kind of self-sharpening ceramic grain, a clog-resistant coating, and the new Multifit universal hole configuration. Mirka Galaxy abrasives are suitable for various applications from automotive collision repair to marine production as well as the wood sector.


Mirka Galaxy sanding wood

Non-Sticking. Self-Sharpening. Long-Lasting.

How do you keep an abrasive sharp? Make it re-generating. The ceramic grains in Mirka Galaxy are self-sharpening. This means every time the edge of an abrasive grain breaks off, a new cutting edge is formed, so Galaxy keeps cutting longer and longer.


Key benefits:

  • Long life with a fast cut
  • Dust repellent and clog resistant
  • Excellent edge wear resistance


Mirka Galaxy Application

Multifit™: always correctly placed

You can say goodbye to aligning the abrasive. Mirka's new Multifit concept means the abrasive is always correctly placed on any tool, with no need to match up to the holes on the backing pad.

With Galaxy's optimized hole count and superb edge wear resistance, we have created an abrasive that is quick to replace so you can get on with the job - at the same time enabling a perfect balance between long life and dust extraction.

Automotive Paint Process with Mirka® Galaxy

Here at Mirka, we know that to achieve different finishes, you need different processes.

Watch as we walk you through each of the step by step process; automotive paint repair and post-paint process using Mirka® Galaxy now, on our YouTube channel.

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Clog Resistant Coating

One of the most important parts of creating a long-life abrasive is to engineer it to resist clogging as much as possible. For Mirka Galaxy, we have chosen a special clog-resistant coating which improves dust repellence.

Dust doesn't stick to the abrasive, so it is more effectively removed from the working surface and extracted via the Multifit holes, making Galaxy an integral part of Mirka's dustless sanding approach. With dust removed from the picture, the abrasive continues to cut for a longer time.

Mirka Galaxy

Achieve the Perfect Finish.

Every aspect of Galaxy combines to make a true multi-purpose abrasive. It is suitable for sanding both soft and hard materials as well as various substrates, thanks to its excellent clog resistance and dust repellence.

By nature, Galaxy is suitable for various applications, from industrial to marine to wood and automotive markets.