Mirka AOS 130NV 32mm Orbit 3,0

MirkaCode: 8992330111
This orbital spot repair machine has a 32 mm backing pad. The tool can be used for denibbing in OEM, ART and Wood applications together with Polarstar SR finessing discs. The AOS 130NV tool with a 3 mm orbit is oscillating which results in a finer finish and an easier polishing process.


Technical Specifications

Speed (rpm) 8500
Orbit (mm) 3
Size of pad (mm) 32
Size of pad (in) 1.25
Weight (kg) 0.6
Noise Level, LpA (dB) 75
Vibration level (m/s²) 2.22
Packaging Cardboard box
Dust system Non vacuum
Model name Mirka AOS 130NV
Work pressure (bar) 6,2
Pad included (code) 8294593311, 8294596311, 8294598311
Air consumption (l/min) 509
Product class Pneumatic tool


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