Mirka PROS 650DB 150mm Dust Bag Orbit 5.0

MirkaCode: 8995650211
The Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander – Mirka® PROS 650DB (Dust Bag) is developed in-house by the Mirka’s industry-leading design team. Clever features and attention to detail make it an efficient and effective sanding tool that perfectly suits professional operators. Mirka® PROS 650DB has a 5 millimetre orbit and it is specially developed for maximum dust extraction even at low suction power, achieved with a wider, more efficient dust suction outlet in the machine housing. This sander is equipped with a new type of fleece dust bag with a much larger dust collecting capacity and a much longer service life compared other similar products on the market. Unlike paper dust bags, this fleece dust bag does not require a safety nylon bag for protection.


Technical Specifications

Power (W) 200
Speed (rpm) 12000/min
Orbit (mm) 5
Size of pad (in) 6
Size of pad (mm) 150
Weight (kg) 0.93
Noise Level, LpA (dB) 78
Vibration level (m/s²) 3
Dust system Self generated vacuum
Packaging Cardboard box
Model name Mirka PROS 650DB
Work pressure (bar) 6,2
Pad included (code) 8292605011
Air consumption (l/min) 485
Product class Pneumatic tool


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