Mirka ROS2 850CV 200mm Central Vacuum Orbit 5,0

MirkaCode: 8994850111
Mirka® ROS2 850CV (Central Vacuum) is a feature-packed 200 mm pneumatic two-handed sander. The machine combines heavy duty performance and durability with low profile and ergonomic styling which makes it easy to handle and results in excellent stability during operation. The optional side handle (included in the kit) provides an extra gripping point to further increase control and reduce effort. This is an excellent sander for industrial applications when sanding bigger surfaces. Mirka® ROS2 850CV has a 5,0 mm orbit with a black phosphate color on the lever. This sander is equipped with a unique Mirka Net Backing Pad ( 8" 200mm, 89 holes), especially designed and developed for this machine.


Technical Specifications

Power (W) 343
Speed (rpm) 10000
Orbit (mm) 5
Size of pad (in) 8
Size of pad (mm) 200
Weight (kg) 1.6
Noise Level, LpA (dB) 77
Vibration level (m/s²) 4.87
Dust system Central vacuum ready
Packaging Cardboard box
Model name Mirka ROS2 850CV
Work pressure (bar) 6,2
Pad included (code) 8295885111
Air consumption (l/min) 651
Product class Pneumatic tool


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