Get Dust Free with every tree.


At Mirka, we believe that “The goal of life is living in agreement with nature”.

All our efforts are dedicated towards reducing our carbon footprint and providing sustainable solutions that make sense to our customers whilst keep mother earth happy.

With the same zeal, we are proud to launch the Mirka Dust Tree Campaign yet again in 2023!

Rapid economic growth, urbanization and excessive material usage pose a significant threat of an increasing manufacturing footprint. Despite this, Mirka sees an opportunity to develop new innovative solutions to enable a “Healthy work place and a Healthy Earth”.

While Mirka Solutions enables its users to get more work done in a shorter span of time, we understand that each added project is a step towards additional material usage thus impacting the ecosystem.

The aim of “Dust Tree- 2023 Campaign” is to “Help People Breath Better” with our 100% Dust Free Sanding Solutions and planting more trees to create a balance in Nature.

While our Net(R) Abrasives are already doing their part by making Workshops 100% Dust Free. Let's do our bit and plant more trees :)

For every 1500pcs of Net(R) products our customers buy, we will plant a tree on their behalf.

So Go ahead and “Get Dust free with every tree.