This trolley is developed to be used as a part in Mirka´s solution selling strategy. It has space for the Mirka dust extractor, abrasives, tools and polishing bottles. Abrasives can be put on the top level for easy availability. There are also two drawers and a locker for storage of tools and abrasives. There is a handle for a few polishing bottles and a holder for two random orbital sanders and one orbital square sander. The trolley has also a holder with space for three hoses. In addition to this the package contains assemble instructions, a tool and keys for the locker. The package size is 92 x 56 x 54 cm.

Hand Towel rack for Solution Trolley

Shelf for Solution Trolley

This product can be assembled onto the Mirka solution trolley and enables more convenient working. By using the hose arm the operator ensures that the hose comes from above and reduces the risk of the hose harming the workpiece.

Black metal dispenser with space for 2 rolls, equipped with a plastic folder for product and price information. Easy to combine and attach to different kind of displays and trolleys.

The purpose of the sanding block board is to organize all Mirka sanding blocks in one place. The board is suitable for use in body shops, training centers etc. An instruction on how to assemble the plastic supports with velcro is included.

Tool hook for Mirka® OS Mirka® CEROS/DEROS 125 mm, 150 mm Mirka® DEOS Suitable for the Work Station for DE 1230/1242. Is to be hooked on to the perforated panel.

Nadstawka robocza dla urządzeń Mirka Dust Extractor z serii 1230 składa się niewielkich rozmiarów półek oraz systemu haków. Wyposażona jest w specjalną przestrzeń na pojemniki i materiały ścierne Mirka, a także haki do przechowywania narzędzi i węża ssącego. Platformę należy przymocować do pochłaniacza pyłu. Akcesoria mocujące dedykowane dla serii DE 1230 należy zamówić oddzielnie.

The shelf for the work station for Mirka Dust Extractor 1230/1242 -series is ideal for storage of 4 x 150 mm disc boxes.

A stable trolley with adjustable height and two hollow sheet metal shelves, the lower for the Dust Extractor and the other for products. A hook and loop strip is also included on the right side to attach hand blocks to and an adjustable hanging device on the left side for hanging tools on. Two hooks on the back side to hang the dust hose on is also included. This trolley is also suitable for a Dust Extractor together with the Miro 955 wall sander.

A stackable display for abrasive sheets.