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Mirka Cabinet Modbus

Motor drive cabinet for Mirka® robot usage with Modbus communication interface.

Smart electric sanders and polishers designed for robotic sanding applications. The Mirka® Automated Industrial Sanders and Polishers, Mirka® AIROS, Mirka® AIOS and Mirka® AIROP are built inside a sturdy yet light aluminium housing, featuring an ISO 9409-1 compatible flange for mechanical robot coupling. It can be adapted to fit all mechanical couplings, offering maximum flexibility. The intelligent two-way communication capability and exact RPM management gives full control of the sanding/polishing process and ensures consistent quality. IP66 classified thus suitable for all sanding/polishing applications, even wet sanding and safe usage on most materials. Built for industrial use, they are durable and requires very little maintenance. Tests have shown they can last up to 18 months in industrial operations without maintenance. Mirka® solutions include sanding and polishing heads, controller unit and abrasives, as well as knowledge and support of true finishing professionals through the whole process. This ecosystem makes the AIROS/AIOS/AIROP the most dependable solution on the market.



Manual - Mirka® Automation Electrical

Mirka Cabinet Modbus