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How can Mirka Robotic Solutions help speed up your work and save you time?

robotic sanding

Sanding is usually associated with dusty and heavy work. For industry workers, it can even be a health hazard to continuously be exposed to dust and vibrations. Shortages of skilled staff and issues with staff retention creating the need to train new operators are leading to efficiency and productivity problems as well as quality and consistency difficulties in manufacturing. Increasingly, the solution to sanding is automation.

Besides improving workers’ health, increased productivity is the main goal. A robot arm won’t get tired, but how do you ensure that the end result is as good as if it were sanded by a human professional? With the Mirka® Automation range, you can control your sanding process, increase efficiency, and achieve consistent quality. At Mirka, we work with robot/cobot suppliers and integrators to ensure that processes can be properly assessed and costed. With this level of expertise and a proactive, hands-on approach to problem-solving, waste will be driven down and efficiencies up ensuring a consistent quality of work and increased profitability.

With automated processes, it is all about ease, repetitiveness and consistency, and the Mirka® Robotic Solutions offer this through technology that was developed by the R&D team which allows for two-way communication between the sanding head and the control system. This constant communication provides detailed information about the status of the sander and the possibility of adjusting it, which puts the user in control of the sanding process.

We have seen an increase in the number of businesses moving over to automated processes and investing in robotic sanding solutions. Mirka Automation is used by clients all around the world in all kinds of robotic sanding applications. Projects and enquiries for automated sanding are growing across a range of industries. The size of companies is also varied, from very small to global corporations.

Robot sanding detail

Are there sanding or polishing processes that you could automate? And why choose Mirka Automation? Mirka robotic sanding heads are easy to integrate as they can be fitted to most robot arms on the market. Compact and lightweight, they are specifically designed for robot sanding and built for continuous use, suitable for mounting on low-payload robot arms. A Mirka robotic sander comes with a standardised ISO 9409-1-80-6-M8 flange that can also be customised with an adapter. Installation couldn’t be easier; the sanding head has both a quick cable connector and a quick-fit vacuum hose connector.

A study recently carried out by Deloitte found that over 50% of businesses are planning to incorporate the use of AI and automation technologies within their business, while many are already benefiting from automated processes and Mirka’s robotic sanding.

Why not let Mirka robotic sanding help you automate labour-intensive manual finishing processes such as sanding and polishing and save you time while helping you achieve that flawless finish?