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Polishing Products

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What are polishing compounds?

Polishing compound grades

Polishing compounds contain abrasive particles suspended in a liquid, used to enhance different types of paint / composites / resins and clearcoats.

Cutting compounds are products that contain coarse & medium abrasive particles of different sizes depending on the cut required.

Waxes do not contain abrasives. They are used to protect the surface from ultraviolet light, water and dirt particulars after polishing.

Our range of compounds and polishes can be used in all types of industry.

Water-Based Polishes

A better choice for you and the environment

All polishes that Mirka produces are water-based and produced in Finland. There are many benefits of choosing a water-based polishing compound.

Effective permanent removal of scratches - Water-based compounds remove scratches permanently. Solvent-based compounds can lose gloss after cleaning the surface with a degreaser and in some cases, they may only temporarily hide the scratches.

Safer for the operator - No hazardous chemicals
Sustainable - Water-based polishes are better for the environment and do not contain benzene or similar hazardous chemicals.

Cordless Polishers

An important part of making polishing and refinishing work strain-free and effortless is choosing cordless polishers. Mirka's award-winning and smooth-running cordless tools are free to be moved around the working surface, focusing on the best possible result and improving productivity, with easily changed batteries that reduce downtime to a minimum. Mirka’s cordless tools are used in car factories, Tier1 manufacturers, body shops and woodworking shops alike, by professionals dedicated to getting that elusive perfect finish.

Mirka® AROP-B and Mirka® ARP-B you get:

  • Easy handling – no pneumatic hoses or electric cords
  • Ergonomic useability – sits well in your hand
  • Reliability even in the most demanding applications

No cords, no worries - just a perfect surface after polishing or spot repair. Choose cordless convenience.

Cordless Tools

Polarshine Power

Troublesome scratches and holograms in high gloss and solid surface finishes are a thing of the past

Scratches are a common problem in high gloss, and attempts at rectification often ruin the appearance and leave a lack-lustre matt finish. However, Mirka have developed a range of products that not only remove scratches permanently, but also are cleaner and safer to use. The key in processing high gloss lacquer is both using an abrasive that is effective and produces a fine surface, combined with a good polishing compound and pad.

Quality Range

The quality range of Polarshine compounds are designed for use on polyester, polyurethane (PU), acrylic (AC), most lacquers and can also be used on solid surface. Unlike other polishes and compounds that simply cover scratches, which over a period of time will re-appear as the filler is washed or worn away, Polarshine works by gently abrading the scratches so they are completely removed. It also magically restores the original high gloss appearance. In addition, holograms, orange peel, swirl marks and other imperfections can be permanently banished. Polarshine 5 for cleaning and refreshing surfaces will leave a very high gloss.

Silicone and Solvent Free

Other benefits of the Polarshine range is that they are silicone and solvent free. The water-based products are safe to use and have no harmful effects if they come into contact with skin. They do not stain surfaces and can be simply washed off without leaving any residue. Polarshine compounds and polishes are quick and easy to use, fast drying and because they are water-based, there is very little clean-up time. 

Which polishing pad should I use?