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Benefits of Electric Tools vs Pneumatic

Should I Move to Electric Power Tools?

In grinding, sanding and polishing work, pneumatic tools have proved their worth. But it can be worth it to consider moving to electric power tools.

Mirka has worked for recent decades to introduce electric and cordless sanders and polishers to applications where pneumatic tools have traditionally ruled. Thanks to powerful and smooth electric motors, Mirka tools have proven their worth in these applications, bringing benefits of electric tools to working processes.

It's not the noise that does the work

Silent Power

Compared to pneumatic tools, using electric power tools with brushless electric motors is markedly quieter. In performing grinding work, such as removing rust or cleaning up welding seams, the operator can be exposed to loud noise for extended periods, which makes hearing protection especially important. With a quieter electric tool, the noise levels can be significantly cut, reducing the risk of occupational hearing damage or loss.

Freedom of movement

Go Cordless

In applications where freedom of movement truly counts, it is possible to go completely cordless with Mirka power tools. Mirka manufactures battery powered sanders and polishers which free the operator from restrictive cords and hoses, enabling them to focus perfectly on the job at hand.

When performing grinding work in a difficult spot in an uncomfortable position, Mirka's electric power tools, such as the compact Mirka ANGOS battery powered grinder can make the difference, turning a stressful job into quick work so you can move on to the next phase faster.

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Energy costs are rising - cut costs with electric tools

Save Energy

By switching to an electric power tool with an efficient brushless motor, there is potential to save as much as 90% of energy on a yearly basis compared to using pneumatic tools. During recent years this has proved a very important part of cost saving in professional use, as with the same amount of energy it is possible to run ten electric power tools compared to just a single pneumatic power tool. 

This means getting ten jobs done with the same amount of energy – and especially when energy costs have severely risen, the benefits are even more significant. With electric tools, there are also no costs from maintaining a compressor that pneumatic tools require.

Please note, when calculating energy costs, use your own energy price in the equation.

Calculate your energy costs

Energy Savings Calculator

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Find out more about Mirka Electric Tools

If you'd like to find out more about Mirka electric tools and how you could potentially save on energy costs, our team of trained staff have a wealth of industry experience and are on hand to discuss any requirements you may have.

Easily swapped batteries

Minimise Downtime

With easily swapped and quickly charged batteries, downtime with cordless tools is kept to a minimum. It takes just as little time as changing an abrasive to change a battery from an empty to a fully charged one, and Mirka’s 10.8V Li-ion batteries take just 45 minutes to charge, reducing downtime further.

As well as the Mirka ANGOS battery powered grinder, Mirka offers cordless tools for sanding and polishing, especially for spot repair and finishing work.

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Monitor your exposure to vibration

Benefit from Connectivity

An additional and important benefit of Mirka electric power tools is their Bluetooth connectivity. Using the myMirka app gives the operator a chance to monitor their daily vibration levels to reduce the chance of occupational disease, such as white finger syndrome through constant vibration.

Electric tools also run smoother with less vibration, provided that they are kept in good working condition and adjusted to prevent imbalance.

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