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Mirka® AutoChanger for Robotic Sanding

Automatic abrasive changing system for Mirka Automation

The Mirka® AutoChanger is a smart robotized solution for changing abrasives in an automated process. Focus on your work while the Mirka AutoChanger handles abrasive disc changes with precision.

Instant replacement of abrasive discs

Automated Abrasive Changer

Instant replacement of abrasives is a crucial part of an automated sanding process, to ensure that the abrasive disc is producing the best sanding results at all times. 

For this purpose, Mirka has developed a special AutoChanger system to work together with Mirka AIROS 650CV and AIROS 350CV sanding heads. 

Suitable for 77mm and 150mm abrasives

How the Mirka AutoChanger Works

Available for both 77mm and 150mm abrasive discs, the Mirka AutoChanger is a natural part of a Mirka Automation robotic sanding system.

The robotic sanding head is programmed to pick up a new abrasive from the AutoChanger magazine loaded with abrasive cartridges. Multiple abrasive magazines can be fitted side by side: each Autochanger magazine fits 150 abrasives. A safety switch indicates when the pre-packed abrasive cassette is correctly in place.

After performing the sanding operation for the specified number of times, the sanding head discards the abrasive using a special remover, again replacing it with a new abrasive. The sanding process is constantly repeated with a fresh abrasive without fault.

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Modular Automation

The Mirka AutoChanger is a modular solution designed for the automated replacement of abrasive discs in a variety of industrial sanding applications.

Flexible Installation

Unparalleled flexibility enables seamless integration with both new and existing customer solutions. Customize the system to fit your unique needs.

Essential Safety

Safety is at the core of the Mirka AutoChanger. The system ensures that the operation is not only efficient but also safe for the operator, which reduces the risk of accidents with a system prioritizing operator's well-being.

Future of Sanding Efficiency

Step into the future of sanding with the Mirka AutoChanger. Experience a revolutionary solution that optimizes efficiency, productivity, and precision in your industrial sanding applications.

Ensure a correctly performed integration

Installing the Mirka AutoChanger

Follow these simple steps for a correct installation and integration of the Mirka AutoChanger, from mounting the abrasive magazines and abrasive remover to installing the pneumatic and communication kits.

AutoChanger Modules:

  • Magazine 77mm, or
  • Magazine 150mm (max 4 magazines of either type can be installed)
  • Remover 
  • Pneumatic Kit
  • Communications Kit
  • Power supply (included with Communication Kit)

A correctly performed setup will provide a consistent and reliable supply of fresh abrasives in your robotic sanding application.

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