Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC GB 230V

Mirka Code: 8999260111
EAN Code: 6416868910537
This professional dust extractor has a high-performance motor and turbine, which creates 250 mbar vacuum and 4500 l/min air flow. The AutoStart function increases the lifetime of the motor and reduces noise (electric only, for AutoStart with Air set up, a pneumatic box & coaxial hose is required). Flat top with space for storage and large wheels for better manoeuvrability. Hose and cable storage for more comfortable transportation. A fleece dust bag is also included. The dust extractor should always be used with Mirka antistatic hoses (not included). Mirka Dust Extractors are suitable for both dry and wet applications (remove the dust bag before wet use and clean filter before and after wet use. The filter should be in place during wet or dry use). Mirka 1230 dust extractors are anti-static.


Technical Specifications

Power input (W) 1200
Voltage main supply (VAC) 220-240
Weight (kg) 14.5
Noise Level, LpA (dB) 59
Filter cleaning system Automatic Filter Cleaning
Dust class M
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 565 x 385 x 565
Mains frequency (Hz) 50/60
Volume flow air (l/min) 4500
Model name Mirka Dust Extractor 1230
Vacuum (mbar) 250
Product class Dust extractor
Tank volume (l) 30


Container Clamp for DE 1230/1242 Mirka Code:   8999240511
Distribution Strip for Mirka DE Mirka Code:   8999711911
Hatch door Clamp Kit for DE 1230/1242 Mirka Code:   8999211911
Hatch Door Frame Kit for DE AFC Mirka Code:   8999220811
Hatch Door Hinge Snap for DE 1230/1242, 2/Pack Mirka Code:   8999230211
Hatch Door Upper Cover for DE 1230/1242 AFC Mirka Code:   8999211711
Hepa Filter Cover for DE 1230/1242 Mirka Code:   8999100811
Hepa Filter for DE 1230/1242 Mirka Code:   8999100711
Hose hook for DE 1230/1242 Mirka Code:   8999212111
Ring for Mirka DE Mirka Code:   8999703911
Screw 3,5x18mm for Mirka DE Mirka Code:   8999701311
Screw 5x18mm for Mirka DE Mirka Code:   8999701411
Socket 13A/250V for Mirka DE, GB Mirka Code:   8999711011GB
Strap Cable for Mirka DE Mirka Code:   8999701811
Top Cover for DE 1230/1242 Mirka Code:   8999211511
Wheel 75mm with Break for DE 1230, 2/Pack Mirka Code:   8999250311
Wheel Axle for Mirka DE 915/1230 Mirka Code:   8999703611