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Polarshine® Marine Pro Shield

Ceramic paint protection, specially developed for gelcoat, aluminium, steel, plastic, lacquered and painted surfaces. Protects boats from UV radiation, salt water, oxidation and contaminants. Provides protection for up to three boating seasons. For professional use only.

The Polarshine® Marine series contains the following products: The Boat Wash shampoo, the Deep Clean concentrate, the long lasting Shield coating treatment and the Final Finish detailer. Combined with Mirka’s Polarshine® compounds, these products help you maintain your boat in as-new condition from season to season.


*Polarshine® Marine Pro Shield will not be supplied to customers without prior training given by Mirka regarding use and application

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Density (g/ml)
0.97 g/ml



Safety Data Sheet - Polarshine® Marine Pro Shield


Technical Data Sheet - Polarshine® Marine Pro Shield

Polarshine® Marine Pro ShieldPolarshine® Marine Pro ShieldPolarshine® Marine Pro Shield