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Mirka Net Profit Programme

net abrasive

Mirka (UK) Ltd is a well-known company recognised for delivering exceptional sanding systems, products and processes for a range of applications. We are better known for our abrasive range of sanding products, but we can deliver much more than just market-leading quality products.

In 2011, the Net Profit Programme was first developed to ensure that bodyshops maximise production and maximise profit. With an ever-changing market, the bodyshop must control costs and guarantee exceptional quality of refinish – and that’s where we can help you. Of course, this concept is still relevant today, not only in the accident repair sector but also in a vast array of industries and applications.

Our team of technicians can help you get the most from our sanding products, maintaining excellent relationships with your staff by demonstrating process and product enhancement. We value our customers; we understand the daily issues that are undertaken and we are well-represented across the UK with a sector-specific technical sales team which can help your business profit by introducing you to our industry-leading programme.

Ongoing Support

At Mirka, we value your business, you’re our customer, so we will support you all the way. When using a Mirka abrasive system, we will guarantee unrivalled national support for your business and your technicians.

  • Continuous training for new and existing technicians
  • Training can take place on-site or at our dedicated training centre in Milton Keynes.
  • Customer Service team is based at our UK state-of-the-art building
  • New product demonstrations – product trials and reviews
  • Working in partnership with distribution to achieve exceptional service
Sanding process

Process Analysis

With decades of experience, we recognise the importance of a productive workshop. Our in-depth analysis of your workshop processes has major benefits for your business – reducing cycle times, increasing quality and building positive relationships with your technicians.

  • Audit current processes with technicians and provide a report
  • Understand operational performance of the workshop which includes skill sets, habits, workflow, work provision, environment, quality and areas for possible improvement
  • Offer solutions – alternative products, tooling, processes and training
Mirka sales

Reduce Cost - Increase Profit

Most importantly, any business must look at expense and profit. We have developed a programme specially designed to demonstrate the products used and we are confident our extensive offering can deliver cost savings that won’t disappoint you.

  • Correct product for the perfect result – we only implement what needs to be used
  • Agreed product range - stock rationalisation with pre-defined stock levels
  • Escalate throughput and eliminate costly rectifications – reduction of waste


Wall sander

Solution & Efficiency

Processes or products are only good when they are used properly and appropriately. Mirka can deliver bespoke training either on-site or at our dedicated training centre in Milton Keynes, guaranteeing quality and cost benefits.

Our team of technical experts can demonstrate flexible solutions from the extensive Mirka range of sanding products.

  • Training requirements identified and continuously delivered
  • Review existing workshop processes and improve flow and throughput
  • Carry out tooling assessment to ensure correct tools are being applied and preserved
  • Rationalisation of products reducing costs and stock control
dustless abrasives

Wastage Solutions

Our trained staff understand the importance of reducing waste, not just for environmental reasons, but for cost as well. Effective training will ensure products are used for the duration of their life. Quality workmanship eliminates the need for wasteful rectification of work, enhancing your ROI.

  • Accountability of product usage by technicians
  • Reduce waste – time, energy and materials – reduce costs
  • Waste control solution to optimise product lifetime and reduce product usage and stock

Our products and concepts are problem solvers brought to you by technical experts. Our know-how combines hands-on experience and fearless innovation to produce the best conditions for you to succeed in your industry. That’s why Mirka has become the natural choice in a wide variety of industry sectors.