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Spray Plaster Surface Finishing

Construction & Decoration

With spray plastering becoming increasingly popular in the Construction and Decoration industry, choosing the right tools and sanding material is an integral part of the process. Arrange an on-site demonstration to explore the multiple benefits of our award-winning sanding and pioneering dust free sanding system for spray plastering.

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Best tool for smoothing plastered surfaces

Mirka Skimming Blades

Mirka Skimming Blades is an ergonomical and easy way to smooth plastered surfaces, especially on spray plastered or rolled plastered surfaces. Smooth the surface with the blades before doing the finishing work with Mirka® LEROS. Featuring high-quality stainless-steel blades, this provides perfect surface preparation. The ergonomic design reduces wrist strain. Lightweight construction for comfortable all-day usage, and the skimming blade is shaped to deliver excellent control of the tool.

Perfection from every angle


Mirka LEROS - the lightest and most advanced wall and ceiling sander. This unique brushless sander features innovative solutions,  including a sanding head with 180° flexibility and a 5 mm random orbital movement, making it extremely user friendly. There are two versions of the Mirka LEROS available, the original 230v version and a new dual voltage Mirka LEROS.

The new dual voltage Mirka LEROS has the convenience factor for decorators. Launched May 2020, it is designed to provide the convenience and flexibility of two tools in one, 230v & 110v. The Mirka® LEROS DV is the ideal tool for customers who operate in both residential and on-site, making light work of wall and ceiling sanding.

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Free yourself from dust

Mirka Dust Free Sanding

The Mirka dust free sanding system is the ideal choice for making your workplace more efficient. A dust-free environment reduces time to completion, meaning fewer man-hours for you. Then, you can focus on what is essential: spending more time on the refinishing itself. 

Less mess, less stress

Eliminating dust is often very stressful because you need to spend lots of time getting rid of it completely. Not only does dust-free leave your workplace clean, but it also makes sanding stress-free. 

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