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Mirlon Total®  - Non-woven abrasives

Mirlon Total®

Abrasive discs and strips designed for consistent sanding result

Mirlon Total is a non-woven resin bonded abrasive that suits new vehicle manufacturing, wood, metal and composite processing.

Mirka® Mirlon Total for Machine Sanding

Get Stable Result Without Dust

Mirlon Total is available in disc form for machine sanding with a special net interface, making it compatible with our dust-free solutions. Mirlon Total is strong and long-lasting, as both sides of the abrasive can be used for sanding.

Delivers a dense scratch pattern and a perfectly even, high-quality surface ready for painting

Rapid Sanding Result

Mirlon Total is a three-dimensional fibre abrasive developed for contoured surface conditioning, cleaning and finishing. It is perfect for matting and feathering out.

Mirlon Total is available in rolls and strips for hand sanding, and it is now fully compatible with machine sanding. Mirka has also developed a net interface for Mirlon Total – improving user comfort and the grip of the abrasive while being compatible with dust-free sanding. The foam pad features a smooth pattern that provides machine sanding with a soft finish.  It matches every movement, any pressure, suitable for the bodywork of almost any vehicle.

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Mirlon Total is one of our indisputable all-around products

Highly Versatile

Mirlon Total is the natural choice when performing collision repairs, but it is also well suited for new vehicle manufacturing, construction and decoration, wood and metal processing, marine production, and composites processing. It performs well on steel and other metals and alloys as well as plastics, lacquers, paints and primers, and synthetic materials.

Car Repairs

Sanding primer on contoured car surface with Mirlon Total



Sanding copper pipe with Mirka Mirlon Total

Solid Surfaces

Mirlon Total®

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