Mirka is enjoying a growing popularity in the construction and building industries where dust can be a major workplace concern. Mirka offers easy-to-use, high quality dust-free net sanding concepts as well as traditional abrasives to professional and semi-professional workers. Jobs, such as sanding interior walls and ceilings become so much easier and cleaner with Mirka’s wide and unique range of products and solutions for coarse, intermediate as well as for fine sanding applications.

With Mirka´s net sanding products you save time and work practically dust-free. Mirka Total Sanding solutions – makes your work easier and faster.

Mirka's recently updated small packs for construction and decoration are designed to facilitate the customer’s buying process. The new packages have all application pictures on the front side to help the buyer in choosing the right product. All packages are also equipped with a window through which it is possible to touch the product surface.

The labels have a QR code through which the buyer can get additional information about how to use the product, the product range, technical specifications, pictures and related products. This will help the buyer in the decision making.

Mirkas Small Packs