Free yourself from dust

Mirka is the pioneer of dust-free sanding solutions. Explore the multiple benefits of our dust-free sanding and see how healthy working environment, better efficiency,  and high-quality finish affect your business. 

Employees are your company's most important assets. The plain fact is that unhealthy employees cost you more. Mirka's dust-free sanding solutions offer health benefits to workers because of reduced exposure to harmful sanding dust. The benefits aren't just improved health, but also improved bottom-line results. 

Dust facts

The most dangerous types of dust are the ones with small particles. They are called PM2.5 and they can be inhaled deep into the lungs. Mirka's dust-free solutions are 99.97% effective at removing particles smaller than 0.3µm in size.*  



Efficiency: the dust-free advantage

Dustless sanding is the best choice for making your workplace more efficient. A dust-free environment reduces time to completion, meaning fewer man-hours for you. Then, you can focus on what is essential: spending more time on the refinishing itself. 

Less mess, less stress

Eliminating dust is often very stressful because you need to spend lots of time getting rid of it completely. Not only does dust-free leave your workplace clean, but it also makes sanding stress-free. 

Mirka's dust-free solutions provide a healthy working environment.

Paint Pot Ladies, UK

Sarah Hillberg of Paint Pot Ladies can finish more projects annually and still enjoy some well-earned downtime.

"Less cleaning time means better customer satisfaction"

Case Dust-tree: clean air by Abranet

Air pollution is a serious issue in India. To improve the air quality for example, in Delhi, the decrease of emissions is paramount. We can, however, use trees to help our common cause. Local peepal tree (Ficus religious) is capable of catching approximately 27 kilograms of dust every year.

Since our dust-free Abranet solution collects about 2.3 kilograms every day,  together with Give me trees we are going to plant one peepal tree in Delhi for every 500 Abranet sanding disc used monthly. 

First trees are already planted in spring of 2019 and there are more to come!

Read all about our efforts for the environment on our sustainability platform.