Mirka presents Remint smartphone opportunity


The refurbishment of used consumer electronics is growing rapidly with over 150 million phones refurbished annually.  According to global market intelligence firm IDC, this figure is expected to rise to 332.9 million units, worth an estimated $67 billion in 2023.

Anticipating this growing revenue opportunity, Mirka is introducing RemintÔ, a patent pending 3-step process for scratch removal from chemically hardened or Gorilla glass, which is able to treat 10-20 per cent of the total market, or 15-30 million smartphones per year.


Currently a scratched surface often means replacing the display.  MirkaÒ RemintÔ delivers a fast and uniform sanding of Gorilla glass to a matte surface using RemintÔ Abrasive Compound(10-50 depending on scratch) and a copper pad.


Its 2-steppolishing process uses RemintÔ Polishing Compound H and Polishing Pad 1 to plane the surface, and RemintÔ Polishing Compound H and Polishing Pad 2 for the final finish to

restore the surface back to its original flatness and gloss.  As a result, the RemintÔ concept can significantly extend the lifetime of the touch screen on mobile devices.


Peter Sartain, national sales manager, Mirka UK, says, “The opportunity for customers to grow a new revenue stream by refurbishing mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and other smart screens is significant.  The RemintÔ simple 3-step process fixes a scratch, sands and polishes, and delivers a perfect screen in minutes.”