Mirka® Cafro

Mirka Ltd is a world leader in surface finishing technology and offers a broad range of groundbreaking sanding solutions for the surface finishing and precision industry business. The Mirka slogan, Dedicated to the finish, means that we are fully engaged in all details of a solution. We are in constant motion and we strive for a better way.

We are the sustainable industry shaper within the segments where we operate. Leadership means that, through insights and proactivity, we offer customers high-quality systems, tools and services. Mirka's journey began in 1943 and since then we are constantly developing solutions for the surface finishing business.

In 2017 we were joined by Cafro – a reputable family-owned company with a perfect portfolio match. Together we form a strong and competitive player in the precision industry field. 

The Mirka Cafro line of products covers different areas of the precision industry. Whether your business is in aerospace or automotive industries, manufacturing industrial rollers or powertrain components, tooling or consumer electronics, microfinishing or glass sanding, you can be sure we have the best products and solutions.

Within the innovative Mirka Cafro product spectrum, there are both superior off-the-shelf products and tailor-made advanced solutions, complete with a supremely fast and reliable supply chain. To reach perfect consistency, you need dedication to the finish.

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Mirka offers a complete range of Cafro Diamond and CBN wheels and tools. Our main expertise is the manufacturing of resin bonded diamond and CBN wheels; during the years we also specialized in manufacturing metal bonded, hybrid, vitrified and electroplated wheels, as well as PCD and PCBN tools.

The product range is completed with diamond powder, diamond compound and accessories to cool or dress the wheels. Custom-made products are part of our excellent service which during the years has won the loyalty of many of our customers, from the multinational corporations to small family companies. Care for the customer and for the quality of our product are essential to our mission.

New: Mirka® Cafro HP Bond Wheel

In the grinding of cutting tools, there is a growing demand for sharp edges on cup wheels. New CNC machines allow for increasingly complex geometries, measuring systems and software simulations, which increases the demand on quality.
We have developed the EDG bond to meet these important requirements. It is born for a specific application: external relief and gashing.

We have also developed a new bond family for flute grinding, called HP. The HP Bond wheel is able to remove more material in less time.F1vHXJNLPBk

All Mirka® Cafro products are manufactured at the plant in Fino Mornasco, Italy.