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Mirka Modular Trolley fully equipped

Mirka® Modular Trolley

Build your optimal workflow

With Mirka's new modular tool trolley, you can keep the working area organized and clean for a professional and efficient workflow. Customizable design makes it easy to accessorize to suit your workshop and line of work.

Build it the way you want

Modular Design

The Mirka Modular Trolley is a portable workbench designed to simplify and optimize the bodyshop workflow, depending of your line of work. It brings all the necessary tools and supplies within your reach for clear and ergonomic accessibility, keeping everything well organized and ready for a working day from the get go.

The modularity of the trolley is engineered to give you exactly what you want. It can be specified to be as basic as you need, or as well-equipped as you want, as every module can be fitted separately to form a customized trolley for the exact role it has to play. The Modular Trolley forms a particularly good backbone for applying Mirka solutions and processes in collision repair, finishing, polishing or more.

Suitable for electric or pneumatic tools

Equipped to be Flexible

The Mirka modular tool trolley can be fitted with outlets for pneumatic or electric tools, or both.

The Mirka Modular Trolley is engineered to be a reliable companion for professional bodyshop work. 

The easily adjusted moveable hose arm keeps hoses and cables out of the way, and tools can be securely hung onto machine hooks between working processes. Spray guns and aerosol cans also have their own holders for a clean, professional and well organised working area, complemented by waste bag holders. 

The lockable tool trolley can be fitted with soft-close drawers to keep equipment, abrasives and supplies safe and secure, with the drawers large enough to accommodate compound bottles for polishing stages. Next to the arrangeable tool board, there is a rubberised workbench desk. 

Basic, fully built or custom

Customisation Options

The Mirka Modular Trolley portable workbench comes in six prebuilt kits which can be customized

There are several ways to make the Modular Trolley work for you. It can be ordered as a simplified basic version, with each equipment module added one by one to upgrade it. In other words, you can equip the Mirka Modular Trolley to fully cater to your specific line of work.

The Modular Trolley grows and develops together with your workflow. Check all the available Modular Trolley kits and parts in the product section below.

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Find out more about the customisation possibilities and available accessories for the Mirka® Modular Trolley. Make it fully customised or start with one from the available Modular Trolley Kits.


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