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Mirka Polarshine® Marine: Speed and gloss in marine finishing

May 3, 2024

Give your boat a lasting shine from season to season with Mirka’s new line of marine polishing compounds, designed to save you time and money in boat maintenance with an effective and permanent removal of scratches. 

The water borne, silicone free and sustainable Mirka Polarshine® Marine polishing compounds range from Heavy Cut Compound and Medium Cut Compound to Fine Compound, Antihologram. As well as renewing the damaged and oxidized surface and removing sanding scratches and impurities, they cut the time required from start to finish.

Restoring a surface with Mirka Polarshine Marine could not be easier: it is all about speed and gloss. Simply apply the correct compound on a twisted wool, lambswool or waffle polishing pad and buff the surface with a rotary polisher for effective and efficient results. Depending on the severity of oxidation and scratches on gel coat, topcoat or clearcoat, Polarshine Marine Heavy Cut Compound and Medium Cut Compound save you precious time as they produce a deep gloss even as a one-step solution. For restoring hard surfaces and coatings such as gel coat, choose Heavy Cut, for topcoat and clearcoat, choose Medium Cut.

For an additional finishing step on these surfaces, Fine Compound, Antihologram gives you an even longer lasting gloss while removing holograms and swirl marks on gel coat, topcoat and clearcoat.

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