Intermediate Sanding of Paint Coats on Wood

When painting wooden surfaces such as cabinet doors, dining tables or similar, you want to have a smooth finish when it is time to apply that final coat of paint. To ensure this, every layer of paint must be flawless.

No matter how careful you are, there is always a risk for bubbles in the surface, or particles such as dust sticking to the wet paint. The solution is to sand the surface between applying coats of primer and paint. With Mirka’s solutions, intermediate sanding can be fast, easy, and dust-free.

Sanding Between Paint Coats with Mirka Solutions

Sand the Surface

After each coat has dried, sand the entire surface with a Mirka® DEOS or Mirka® DEROS orbital electric sander. For best results, we recommend using Mirka abrasives such as Abranet®, Mirlon®, Galaxy or Iridium®.

To avoid too aggressive material removal, with a risk of sanding through the paint layer, it is best to use medium grit abrasives (240-400).

Using a dust extractor when sanding helps minimize dust particles in the air. Your health and the paint layers will thank you later.

Take care of your health

Your most important asset is you

When you want to perform better and as efficiently as possible, but don't want to inhale dust, our dust-free solutions are your best friend. When the dust is directed to a dust bag, it doesn't enter your or your customer's lungs.

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