Plug and Mould Finishing and Polishing

Perfect surfaces for tough conditions

Polishing and finishing plugs and moulds

Salt, sun, water, and wind are all challenges for surfaces on boats, yachts and watercraft. When it comes to marine surface finishing from boat manufacturing – including high-end yacht production – to boat refurbishing and restoration, Mirka can deliver efficient systems for increased profitability and a perfect finish.​

Choosing dust-free and ergonomic Mirka products are not only a health-conscious choice, but it will also improve your profitability, productivity and efficiency. ​

When the time comes to add the finishing touches on a plug or a mould, Mirka’s range has everything you need.​
You can pre-treat the surface prior to polishing, with a film or foam backed-abrasive. You can also work more efficiently with Mirka’s pneumatic, cordless or electric tools.

Plug and mould finishing and polishing process

Depending on the sanding process and the hardness of the surface the finishing and polishing process might need to be verified case by case. But here are some general suggestions.​

Plug – gelcoat​
1. Use a twisted wool pad and Polarshine® 45 and a PS 1427 or PS 1524 polisher. ​
2. Polish with a lambswool natural pad and Polarshine 35. ​
3. Finish off with a yellow pad, Polarshine 10 or 12.​

1. Use a twisted wool pad and Polarshine 45 and a PS 1427 or PS 1524 polisher. ​
2. Polish with a lambswool pad pro and Polarshine 35. ​
3. Finish off with a yellow pad or black M foam pad together with Polarshine 12 or Black.

Work more efficient with Mirka’s marine solutions​

With the polishing compounds from Mirka, you can cut costs, spend fewer hours polishing, and still get an excellent finish. Case studies* have shown that using the Mirka polishing system will give you many benefits as:​

  • ​Up to 10% savings on costs for polishes when working on gelcoat surfaces -> Save 4 litres of polish
  • Decrease the polishing time -> work 150 hours faster​
  • Effective permanent removal of scratches thanks to water-based polishing compounds​

This will make the job easier for the operator, and at the same time, our products will still deliver a perfect finish.

*on 145 feet size yacht

Water-based polishes

All polishes that Mirka produces are water-based. There are many benefits of choosing a water-based polishing compound.

  • Effective permanent removal of scratches  -> Solvent-based compounds tend to lose gloss after cleaning the surface with a degreaser as they only temporarily hide the scratches. Water-based compounds, on the other hand,  remove the scratches permanently.
  • User–friendly  -> safer for the operator 
  • Sustainable  -> Water-based polishes are better for the environment and do not contain benzene or similar hazardous chemicals

“Solvent-based polishes may be effective in the short run, but they are more damaging and harmful, both for the user and the environment," 

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