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Automotive Post Paint Polishing

Post Paint Polishing with Mirka Solutions

When removing orange peel, scratches and other imperfections requires a damp sanding and polishing process, Mirka abrasives, tools and compounds have an especially good chance to shine. With Mirka's fine grit abrasives, ergonomic tools, supplies and water-based polishes, automotive paint can reach a flawless condition using simple and easy processes.

Easy Polishing Process

Simplified processes with high-quality supplies and environmentally friendly polishes make post paint polishing easy and problem-free.

Mirka Polarshine compounds are water-based and free from solvents.

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Post Paint Process with Mirka Galaxy

Post Paint Process with Golden Finish

Our Golden Finish system is an easy and clear post-paint solution, which is easy to follow due to the colour-coded compounds and pads.

Mirka's Golden Finish is simply a one-step system for light colours and a two-step system on dark colours.

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A better choice for you and the environment

Water-Based Polishes

All polishes that Mirka produces are water-based and produced in Finland. There are many benefits of choosing a water-based polishing compound.

  • Effective permanent removal of scratches - Water-based compounds remove scratches permanently. Solvent-based compounds can lose gloss after cleaning the surface with a degreaser and in some cases, they may only temporarily hide the scratches.
  • Safer for the operator - No hazardous chemicals  
  • Sustainable  - Water-based polishes are better for the environment and do not contain benzene.

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