Powertrain Polishing

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Mirka’s abrasive films are what you need to achieve consistent functional surface values in your superfinishing or polishing operation. Featuring an anti-slip dot pattern on the back, we offer two different film products to help you easily select the right product for your specific polishing needs.


Cost-Saving With Greater Stock Removal Using MI231C 

Abrasive film product designed for the coarse and fine polishing of powertrain components. The product is more aggressive than standard aluminium oxide films, but produces a fine surface scratch pattern. Fast cutting and resistant to surface loading, MI231C is sure to shorten cycle times.

Consistent Quality Through Consistent Polishing With MI231A

Abrasive film product designed for the fine polishing of powertrain components. Fine cutting and resistant to surface loading, MI231A produces a consistently extra-fine surface scratch pattern. 

State-of-the-Art Anti-slip Backing

Our unique DOT technology guarantees continuous and trouble-free production.
  • Excellent friction in wet conditions against all shoe coatings (e.g. steel, diamond, PU)
  • Fewer machine stops
  • Fewer roll changes
  • Optimised thickness
  • Less stocked material needed

Precision Grinding 

The daily grind: better, faster, more cost-effective

Mirka® Cafro vitrified CBN superabrasive wheels are the right choice to make your grinding operations more efficient. See the benefits of faster grinding times, improved wheel life, increased dressing intervals, and superior thermal control reflected in a reduced cost per component.

Our vitrified CBN wheels are available in a wide range of customizable dimensions, up to a diameter of 600mm as single-rim wheels and 900mm as segmented. Standard sizes can be produced with an improved delivery time. We offer wheels with steel, bakelite, and carbon fiber bodies.

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