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Mirka® Long File Boards

Speed up and clean up the sanding process in marine production

The special long file boards are available in lengths to suit one or two operators, combining easy and fast hand sanding with dust extraction.

Reduce strain and improve comfort

Lightweight and Ergonomic

The new Mirka Long File Boards make a difference in hand sanding in marine production. They are a special lightweight construction, complete with an ergonomic grip handle, making sanding hulls faster and more comfortable.

Sanding large surfaces such as the hulls of boats and yachts can be straining and cumbersome, and the Long File Boards have been created to make it efficient and effortless instead.

Dust-Free Solution

Remove dust from the picture

The Long File Boards are aimed at putty and primer sanding in marine production, where Mirka’s Abranet and Galaxy abrasives perform especially well thanks to their dust-free engineering and resistance to clogging.

The file boards are designed to be compatible with Mirka's dust-free solutions: simply connect the file board to a dust extractor and minimize the amount of putty and primer dust in the working environment, reducing the chances of developing occupational diseases.

Three different versions, two different lengths

For One or Two Operators

The file boards are available in two lengths, 680mm and 1600mm. The longer version is to be used by two operators at a time, while the shorter model is for single operator.

In addition, the longer version is available in adjustable configuration, to follow shapes and contours or to remain level. Simply undo the screws to be able to gently bend the board to a suitable curve, then tighten them to retain the curvature.

Designed for abrasive sheet rolls

Effective Hand Sanding

The 115mm x 680mm and 115mm x 1600mm size file boards are suitable for Mirka grip abrasive sheet rolls: easy to apply, easy to change and easy to get on with the job at hand. With effective dust extraction from the entire length of the board, through the abrasive or net abrasive, the amount of dust created from sanding can be minimized. Over an average working day it truly makes a difference, let alone in the long run.

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Nautor's Swan, Finland

High-Quality Finish

For Finnish yacht builder Nautor, a high-quality finish is about respecting the company’s roots and heritage, and it takes the best kind of power tools and abrasives to accomplish that. Benny Brännbacka from Nautor shares with us what it means to collaborate with Mirka, and how important client satisfaction is when building spectacular yachts with Mirka's solutions.

"Working with Mirka is very good, we are continuously collaborating."


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