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Mirka® Cafro E-Cup 11

New Hybrid Bonded Cup Grinding Wheels

Higher efficiency with lower environmental impact

Innovative design for the environment

New Materials - New Sustainability

The Mirka Cafro E-Cup 11 hybrid wheel takes an important step for sustainability: The advanced manufacturing technology has resulted in reduced impact on the environment, with the inner support ring made from resin. The choice of a lead-free alloy for the lower section has eliminated an environmental toxin.

Increase total productivity

Improved Design - Better Efficiency

The starting point for the new 11V9 hybrid bond wheel was thorough optimization of the production process as well as saving time for the end-user.

The support rim of the new E-Cup 11 wheel is designed to wear down at the same rate as the abrasive rim, removing the need for stopping the machine for disassembly. This saves essential time and increases total productivity in tool manufacturing.

Using new materials, together with diamond grains and hybrid bond, has given the wheel excellent stability and maximum precision during grinding operations as the wheel retains its profile.

Mirka® Cafro E-Cup 11 Hybrid Bond Wheel

Clever Design

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