Easy process with Mirka® Galaxy

Epoxy river table sanding

Looking for an easy process to sand epoxy river tables? By sanding with Mirka® Galaxy, the beautiful wood grains stand out and help preserve the unique characteristics and features of the tree. The end result is perfect for furniture of any size; coffee tables, side tables or even kitchen tables. By combining epoxy and wood, you can use all kinds of wooden material which would otherwise be wasted.

For a Matt and Satin Finish with Mirka® Galaxy

Solid Surface Sanding Process

Thanks to its consistent scratch pattern and fast cut, the new Mirka Galaxy makes sanding solid surfaces a smooth process. For a matt or satin finish, continue with Mirlon Total, compatible with Mirka's dustless solutions for a cleaner workplace.

For a Glossy and High Gloss Finish with Mirka® Galaxy

Solid Surface Sanding Process

With a consistent scratch pattern and fast cut, the new Mirka Galaxy is an efficient and effortless choice for a solid surface sanding process. The finer grits are especially easy to polish out when going for a glossy or high gloss finish, using Mirka Abralon for damp sanding and Mirka Polarshine® polishing compounds.

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