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Surface Preparation with Mirka OSP

Man polishing electric vehicle

Maximize Sanding Performance and Save Costs

Optimized Surface Preparation, OSP in short, is a system designed by Mirka to take control of the entire surface finishing process. It is not only about sanding, but optimized sanding, maximizing performance at every stage.

By taking Mirka’s OSP system into use, you can take control of the paint shop and modernize its every aspect. It is a combination that has Mirka innovation written all over it: high-tech abrasives work together to make everything easier, not more complicated.

With OSP, you can have an optimized surface process with a slimmer gritline, using the grits that work best in a standardized workshop process, supported by Mirka's power tools, masking supplies, compounds and know-how. OSP makes it possible for you to run a more efficient process with reduced waste of abrasives and better use of your worktime.

Save as much as 90% in yearly energy costs

By switching to an electric power tool with an efficient brushless electric motor, there is potential to save as much as 90% of energy on a yearly basis.

Mirka OSP

Complete Body Shop Solution From Mirka

Wet sanding car hood with electric sander

Save time and reach a better finish

With OSP, it is possible to reach time savings in a sanding process by 30%. In addition, using the simplified OSP system you can significantly reduce abrasive material consumption by the same amount - studies in body shops have shown an abrasive material decrease of 32%.

Reaching a smooth workflow in the body shop requires a standardized repair process. With OSP, the correct accomplished repairs are performed in time, which also has a great effect on customer satisfaction.

Optimized Gritline

Mirka’s OSP abrasives are clearly marked with numbers, making it easy to know which disc or strip should be used for each step. Number 1 is used for paint removal, number 2 for feather edge, number 3 for preparing the repaired area for primer by reducing scratches and expanding the feather edge and number 4 for finalising the sanding.

Rough grits ranging from P80 to P180 are in group one, followed by group two with grits P220-280. Finer grits in P320-400 form the third group, with P500-600 fine grits in the fourth group.

Reduce waste of abrasive material by 1/3

With the simplified OSP system you can significantly reduce abrasive material consumption: studies in body shops have shown an abrasive material decrease of 32%.

Benefits of OSP

  • Simple system – easy to train, easy to understand and easy to supervise, improving quality and reducing reworks
  • Dramatically increased speed and efficiency saves time on every job which boosts productivity and profitability
  • More control minimizes the job area and reduces the risk of over-sanding
  • Standardized, step-by-step processes mean predictable, consistent quality
  • Tools are used to complete more processes which further increases speed and reduces operator fatigue
  • Ergonomic tools are easier to control and use for longer periods
  • Net sanding technology virtually eliminates the damage caused by dust pills and produces a consistent, even scratch pattern
  • Dust free workshop stays cleaner, reducing the risk of dust in paintwork and minimizing the need for de-nibbing

Slimmed gritline, easy 1-2-3-4 steps for the process

The ability to follow straightforward system parameters increases quality and results in less wasteful reworks

Sanding corner of car hood

Cost savings with Mirka electric power tools

Studies have shown that using a single pneumatic tool in a professional body shop can cost thousands of euros in electricity per year, subject to changing electricity costs. By switching to an electric power tool with an efficient brushless electric motor, the yearly cost and energy use can be dropped by 90 percent.

In other words, with the same amount of energy it is possible to run ten electric power tools compared to just a single pneumatic power tool.

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Espace Carrosserie 94, France

Mirka's Dust-Free Solutions

Want to streamline your sanding operations in your body shop - while saving money on sandpaper? This is what Mirka's OSP system has done for Christophe Compiègne, at Espace Carrosserie 94, in France. He works as an automotive body finisher/paint specialist.

"Mirka is well ahead of the field; and in terms of the OSP system, really well ahead. The OSP abrasives are less likely to clog, so you can use them longer and you end up with a better finish."

Fix Auto, USA

Mirka's Dust-Free Solutions

A cleaner shop means healthier employees and a better working place.​ Marc Milot, Manager at Fix Auto appreciates how their body shops are now dust-free.

"By far one of the best investments we've done. We've been able to cut our abrasive costs. They last a little bit longer. The vacuum systems work great. Overall, everybody is really excited and happy that they don't have to be full of dust every day."

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