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Pad Saver Ø 225 mm

Pad saver for 225mm backing pads. Mirka's pad savers are designed to protect the backing pad from wear and tear, when sanding aggressively and continuously with net products. These cost effective pad savers, placed between the backing pad and the sanding disc, should be changed regulary. The pad savers prolong the life of the backing pad.

Please note that this 27H pad saver (8296712111) does not fit the Mirka® LEROS machine. This one enables use of Mirka Abranet on competitors’ wall sanders.

The 25H pad saver (MIW9535011) is suitable for the Mirka® LEROS machine.

Technical details

225 mm



Technical Data Sheet - Pad Saver, Multi Interface & Vacuum Block Disc

Pad Saver Ø 225 mmPad Saver Ø 225 mm