Mirka® UrmaRolls

Meets your most accurate industrial needs

With impressive performance, specific dimensions and high tolerances, the products in our Mirka® UrmaRolls range are suitable for the most demanding applications. Whether you’re in the automotive, aerospace or precision engineering industry, you’ll find our superabrasive dressing rolls and CBN wheels deliver an unsurpassable finish.

About Mirka® UrmaRolls

Our Mirka® UrmaRolls range is devised by URMA, an Italian company that leads the field in the diamond dressing industry. A seamless fit with our drive to deliver products and solutions that stand out from the rest, we acquired URMA Rolls in 2021.

The acquisition of URMA fits into our strategy of letting a wide range of industries push the limits of what is possible. Purchasing URMA has bolstered our position in the precision engineering industry, bringing us closer to our goal of providing you with a complete solution to meet your most accurate industrial needs.

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