Product Group:  FS0
Polarstar SR is the first in a series of high-technology micro products produced by Mirka. This innovative curing technology is energy-saving with a low carbon footprint. This film abrasive is mainly developed for spot repair, used at car plants in the finessing- and hospital area of the paint shops. The Polarstar SR products are also used in the automotive refinish processes. This product is primarily designed for wet sanding, for correction of small painting defects and removal of dust particles in top coats and clear coats. Suitable for both machine and hand sanding.


Disponible en las siguientes


Adhesivo Autoadhesivo Resistente al Agua
Grano Óxido de aluminio
Soporte Film de poliéster
Color Amarillo pálido (SR3), Verde Menta (SR5), Lila (SR7)
Recubirimiento Tecnología de Revestimiento Mono Capa definido
Papel de protección Papel con información impresa sobre identificación/rastreabilidad
Adhesivo Resina sobre resina
Gama de Granos 3 micron (eqv. to 5000), 5 micron (eqv. to 3000), 7 micron (eqv. to 2500)

Acabado en automoción
Proceso de composites
Fabricantes de vehículos

Lijado de pintura