Stabilise the quality of precision components in the powertrain industry


Mirka offers both superior off-the-shelf products and tailor-made advanced solutions to improve your process. With our solutions you get:

  • A superior supply chain concept
  • A cleaner polishing process
  • Cost reductions
  • The possibility of bearing journal surface texturing
  • Process optimisation
  • Bearing journal shaping

Minimise wear and prolong service life with our microfinishing technologies


The right microfinishing technologies are critical for minimizing wear and prolonging the service life of today's engine components.

Mirka’s microfinishing solutions are used in many engine and powertrain applications where demanding tolerances are required, such as; crank, cam, piston pins, piston rings, balance shafts, piston rods, and rotor shafts.

In the modern powertrain industry there are many challenges – we can meet them together to:

•Decrease emissions
•Obtain improved friction and tribological properties
•Optimise and save costs
•Increase flexibility
•Improve supply chain efficiency

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Precision Surface Finishing for Powertrain Components

An optimised process of engine component finishing ensures the desired performance of an engine. A consistent, high-quality finish provides a competitive advantage in the form of longer engine lifetime.