Robotic Sanding and Polishing Mirka® Automation for Consistent Quality

The range of Mirka® robotic sanders includes the first smart electric sander for industrial robots and cobots, the Mirka® AIROS. Designed by dedicated surface finishing professionals, this automated industrial random orbital sander is easy to integrate and delivers high-quality results for different manufacturing industries in both sanding and polishing applications.

Automated sanding solution for sanding corners on shaker doors - Mirka® AIOS

Consistent Quality

Automated sanding is not only more efficient, it's also smarter. Built-in intelligence allows two-way communication between the sanding head and the control system. Getting detailed information about the status of the sander and the possibility to adjust places you in full control of the sanding process.

With Mirka proprietary technology, you get exact rpm management thanks to the brushless motor and the motor controller. The rpm stays constant, even under heavy load, for consistent quality at all times.

The rectangular sander is specially engineered for woodwork, providing robotic precision for increased productivity and quality - dust free. The Mirka AIOS 353CV is one of the newest additions to the Mirka automation product range.

The perfect robotic sanding solution

The Mirka AIROS smart electric sander head is suitable for robotic sanding on all surfaces. Straight-forward to program, the AIROS delivers consistent quality in your TIER1, vehicle, composite or wood surface sanding process.

Why choose Mirka Automation?

Easy to Integrate

Mirka robotic sanding heads can be fitted to most robot arms on the market. Compact and lightweight, they are specifically designed for robot sanding and built for continuous use, suitable to mounting on low payload robot arms. A Mirka robotic sander comes with a standardized ISO 9409-1-80-6-M8 flange that can also be customized with an adapter. Installation couldn’t be easier; the sanding head has both a quick cable connector and quick fit vacuum hose connector.

Total control on all surfaces


The new Mirka smart electric sanding heads are suitable for robotic sanding of all surfaces. They are easy to program and you get consistent quality in your TIER1, vehicle, composite or wood surface sanding process. Mirka robotic sanders are best paired with quality Mirka abrasives for optimal sanding results.


  • Constant and configurable RPM
  • Designed for all kinds of robotic sanding applications
  • Dust and water protection (IP66)
  • Sturdy and compact for sanding hard-to-reach areas
  • Minimal maintenance needed