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The Miro 955® wall sander is equipped with a long neck, 1,5 m, that allows it to achieve excellent results when sanding filler on walls and ceilings. Miro 955® has been designed with a range of special features, it’s easy to use, with a flexible, 225 mm sanding head and a variable speed control which makes it versatile enough to tackle a wide variety of sanding tasks. It can also be configured to minimise dust by attaching it to a vacuum cleaner. The Miro 955® is electrically powered so no compressed air source is required.

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Technische Spezifikationen

Leistungsaufnahme (W) 550
Netzspannung (VAC) 230
Durchmesser Pad (mm) 225
Gewicht (kg) 4.7
Lautstärke, LpA (dB) 91
Vibration (m/s^2) 3.2
Leerlaufgeschwindigkeit (rpm) 650 - 1800/min
Drehfrequenz (Hz) 50/60
Länge (m) 1.5
Volllastgeschwindigkeit (rpm) 380 - 950/min
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