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Profile Sanding

Hand sanding profiles using Mirka Mirlon abrasive.

How to Sand Profiles and Contours Faster

Sanding profiles, corners, and curved surfaces may be tricky, but with Mirka’s abrasives you can:

  • Reach every corner
  • Achieve a flawless finish
  • Sand efficiently
  • Complete work in less time

Sanding complex parts can be done more efficiently and effortless by choosing Mirka abrasives. When sanding profiles, corners, and curved surfaces, for example, ceiling mouldings, door mouldings and floor mouldings, we recommend using either Goldflex Soft or Mirlon Total®, depending on the type of surface and depth of contours you are going to sand. All concave, convex or the most complex shapes take shape with ease.

Using Mirka’s abrasives

Simple Steps to Perform a Better Profile Sanding Finish

Hand sanding to reach every corner

We Offer Options for Every Surface

Man hand sanding profiles using Mirka Mirlon abrasive.

Mirlon Total®

Mirlon Total® is a Total Coating™ Technology fibre abrasive that is easy to use on profiled surfaces and produces an excellent finish, thanks to its special structure. It produces a dense scratch pattern and features an open and flexible structure. It has strengthened fibres which make it strong and long-lasting. Mirlon Total is ideal for matting of surfaces and creates an excellent base for the next lacquer layer.

We recommend using Mirlon Total for intermediate sanding of painted surfaces since it is more flexible and compliant. The more profiles, the greater benefit you will have by using Mirlon Total. The most coarse grit available in 360 grit.

Man hand sanding profiles using Mirka Goldflex soft abrasive.

Goldflex Soft

The soft and flexible Goldflex Soft has been developed for sanding profiled surfaces and irregular, difficult-to-reach details by hand. The foam base is grip friendly and applies pressure evenly, which reduces the risk of sanding through the surface. The special stearate coating prevents clogging.

Goldflex Soft offers a wider grit range compared to Mirlon Total. It can be used for intermediate sanding of painted surfaces when using finer grits than P240. More coarse grits than P180 can be used, if you want to remove paint, larger irregularities, and putty. Goldflex Soft has a flattening effect, which means that it removes surface unevenness better and more efficiently.

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Why Choose Mirka?

Save time and money – You can cut costs and reduce working hours

Why Choose Mirka?

Sand and polish safely without strain – Our tools and abrasives are ergonomic, efficient, and easy to use

Why Choose Mirka?

Improve the quality of work – The finish is excellent, with less effort

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