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Mirka Iridium premium sandpaper

Mirka Iridium®

Sandpaper for surface finishing professionals

Whether your business is repairs or manufacturing – plastic, metal, wood or composites – you, too, can get to the finish line faster. Move up a gear with Iridium.

Mirka Iridium®. Move up a gear.

Sanding Paper for Fast and Dustless Sanding

Our premium sandpaper Iridium is perfected for speed and efficiency. It cuts faster with fewer steps needed from rough to a smooth surface finish. Thanks to its precision coating, the abrasive does not wear out easily: it practically repels dust, so the grains stay sharp longer. Dust extraction is efficient and convenient with Mirka’s new multihole pattern. Just place and go. From coarse to fine grits, Iridium works well on both soft and hard surfaces. But don’t take our word for it. Try Iridium for yourself!

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Iridium HS

Iridium hand sandpaper

Sand wood profiles and other demanding shapes and details with the new Mirka Iridium abrasives for hand sanding. They combine the fingertip feel of hand sanding with the excellent performance of the Mirka Iridium abrasive.

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Cuts fast. Repels dust. Stays sharp.

Fast, efficient sanding

  • Sand longer using the same sandpaper → Excellent quality consistency and durability
  • No pilling or clogging, no swirl marks → Super precision coating practically repels dust
  • Outstanding dust extraction → Clean work environment
  • Premium paper backing → Remarkable flexibility and excellent grain adhesion

Mirka Iridium® sandpaper grits 40-1000

Collision Repair Process

For Sanding Different Types of Surfaces

Sanding Paper for Dustless Sanding

  • Cars
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Wood surfaces
  • Composite surfaces
  • Yachts and boats
  • Vehicles

Full Range of Mirka Iridium®

Find the right sandpaper for your sander

Find the right Mirka Iridium sandpaper from the full range

Iridium is a premium sandpaper for universal sanding. Perfected for speed and efficiency, it prevents clogging and reduces pilling. It practically repels dust and lifetime is increased as the grains stay sharp for longer. With Iridium you can sand dustless, thanks to the optimised with multihole patterns for discs and strips. Iridium delivers amazing results on both soft and hard surfaces, making it the ideal paper abrasive choice for professionals in any industry.

Full Mirka Iridium® range

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