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Paint Rectification on Marine Clear and Topcoat

Man sanding a yacht with a Mirka polisher.

Clear and Topcoat Process for Yachts and Boats

It takes time, effort, and knowledge to build and maintain the perfect yacht or boat. At the manufacturing stage, Mirka's marine solutions can make the surface finishing processes more efficient and with a better end result.

The quality of the surface finish and coating can be taken to the next level by sanding or polishing, or removing smaller imperfections such as orange peel, to get an even better lustre.

Topcoat marine paints can be applied after surface preparation to ensure that the topcoat paint adheres to the substrate and provides a long-lasting finish that can resist a variety of weather conditions. Mirka provides solutions for both fresh and fully cured topcoat surfaces.

For a better luster

Clear and Topcoat Process for Yachts and Boats

Questions and Answers: Clear and Topcoat for Marine Applications

Can you use topcoat on a boat or yacht?

Topcoat boat paint is a marine finish that can be used both above and below the waterline. Topcoat marine paints should be applied after extensive surface preparation so that the topcoat paint adheres to the substrate and provides a long-lasting finish that can resist a variety of rough weather conditions on the sea.

What is the difference between gelcoat and clearcoat coatings on yachts and boats?

The difference between gelcoat and topcoat coatings is in the thickness. A gelcoat is a coating of resin that is poured into the mould before doing the lay-up. Clearcoat is a very thin layer of varnish that is applied to the part after it has been demoulded.


Nautor's Swan, Finland

High-Quality Finish

For Finnish yacht builder Nautor, a high-quality finish is about respecting the company’s roots and heritage, and it takes the best kind of power tools and abrasives to accomplish that. Benny Brännbacka from Nautor shares with us what it means to collaborate with Mirka, and how important client satisfaction is when building spectacular yachts with Mirka's solutions.

"Working with Mirka is very good, we are continuously collaborating."


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Savings calculator for yacht surface finishing process

Use the calculator to understand what savings can be achieved with the right process and tools

Your savings

The white paper answers these questions: 

  • How surface finishing is currently done?
  • What is Mirka's surface finishing process?
  • What are the benefits of using Mirka's process?
  • How much time and money can be saved using Mirka's process?

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A better choice for you and the environment

Water-Based Polishes

All polishes that Mirka produces are water-based and produced in Finland. There are many benefits of choosing a water-based polishing compound.

  • Effective permanent removal of scratches - Water-based compounds remove scratches permanently. Solvent-based compounds can lose gloss after cleaning the surface with a degreaser and in some cases, they may only temporarily hide the scratches.
  • Safer for the operator - No hazardous chemicals  
  • Sustainable  - Water-based polishes are better for the environment and do not contain benzene or similar hazardous chemicals.

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Solvent-based polishes may be effective in the short run, but they are more damaging and harmful.

Kim Rönnholm

Portfolio Manager, Mirka

Save your health, time, and money

Sanding Without Dust

Do you get covered in dust when sanding? Try the benefits of Mirka's pioneering sanding solutions and see how a dust-free working environment can boost your business.

Benefits from dust-free sanding

Healthier working environment - Stop dust from getting into your lungs
Time-saving – No cleaning after sanding and clean abrasives cut better
Money-saving – No clogging lets you sand longer with the same abrasive
High-quality finish - Thanks to a finer scratch pattern 


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Why Choose Mirka?

Save time and money – You can cut costs and reduce working hours

Why Choose Mirka?

Sand and polish safely without strain – Our tools and abrasives are ergonomic, efficient, and easy to use

Why Choose Mirka?

Improve the quality of work – The finish is excellent, with less effort

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